Thursday, June 4, 2009


Now I am not a major fan of professional sports but I do love I repeat LOVE baseball and this player in particular. Way to go Big Unit!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Try to keep up

So I was looking at all the pictures on my camera and decided it was time to document our activities on the blog. Here goes in no particular order:
We went to Utah and got to visit with lots of family but most importantly cousins.

Kate was in her class play, she was a villager

We went to the shark reef during spring break

We went hiking over spring break

We went to the the LV ghetto zoo (lots of chickens)

Bought these eggs, can you guess which one is the girl egg?

Washed one of Ryne's feet (Vegas is dirty in so many ways)

Emma was a rat in her class play
Ryne was humpty dumpty in his class play

Ryne's friendly letter to his cousin Jacob it reads, Dear jakob are you doing good at school? I hate when Sarah tickles me. Do you hate when Sarah tickles you? I got some new toys. Your friend, Ryne. The best part about this, he LOVES when Sarah tickles him.

I got one of the best Mother's day's ever.
I think that about catches me up. Next up, SUMMER!!!