Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Boundaries, New Ward

So, our ward and many others in our stake were reorganized. We got our new Bishopric today and I got a new calling.......any guesses? If you know don't tell everyone else will find out Sunday.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm glad it's 2008


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Funny pictures

I found these pictures the other day, they make me laugh.

Monday, August 25, 2008

And They're Off

It was the first day of school today. The kids were excited, so was mom, but now I'm bored. Here's to boredom!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This month is such a special one.....

Six years ago today I had my twins, Matt had an anxiety attack and little Kate had a melt down. As scared as I was about the prospect of twins I can't imagine life without them. Here are six reasons why:

1. She is the greatest cuddler. Her body molds into yours and it's beyond cozy, she has done this since birth.

2. She is a home body she just likes to be at home usually surrounded by blankets, stuffed animals and pillows.

3. She has a lot of empathy. It mostly appears when after much torment (given by Emma) her brother begins to cry.

4. She has a definate sense of style, I am not allowed to pick out her clothes. She asked for a halter top for her birthday, I think we have lived in Vegas too long.

5. She is funny and her laugh is even funnier it's deep and it's hearty. I love it.

6. She's a wonderful little girl, people want to be around her, and I love having her in our family.


1. He knows no strangers. He jumps into new situations with both feet and enjoys them.

2. Ryne makes sure that you know he loves you. At bedtime when you tell him you love him he says, "I love you too, I said I love you too" this continues until you say thanks or I heard you.

3. He is confused about the appropiate time to wear underwear. I have many times found him with undies underneath his swimming suit, and last night when Matt told him to put on pj's he said do I need to keep my underwear on.

4. The first thing he says to me each morning, "can I play the computer?"

5. Volume control is tough for him. The only time he uses a quiet voice is when praying and it's so quiet no one can hear him.

6. He is a fabulous little boy, he is so much fun to be with, I love that he is mine.

Happy Birthday Emma and Ryne we love you, did you hear me I SAID WE LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Steve Miller Band w/ special guest Joe Cocker

Picture it Overland Park, KS summer 2001 Matt and I had just recently moved into a new apartment and a new ward we decided it was time to make friends. One day a flier came around that was announcing the free summer concert series, listed was Steve Miller Band. I showed it to Matt we read it over and over. Yes indeed Steve Miller Band was coming to OP, KS and better yet it was free. We couldn't believe it, it was too good to be true. So we called the ward cool kids (this took a lot because as I have revealed I don't make phone calls). They were excited, yes they would come they love Steve Miller Band. Matt called his brother Joel, yes he would come, he loves Steve Miller Band. The big day arrived, when we got there we couldn't believe how few people were there and then they announced them "Steve Miller's Band" (yes you read it right) out comes 4 old guys with jazz instruments. It was a jazz quartet. Needless to say we left early ashamed and emabarrased :) So flash forward august 9th, 2008 and here we are at the real Steve Miller Band and it was awesome! Oh and by the way we never did become good friends with the cool kids.
If you look @ the bottom it says Steve Miller Band & Joe Cocker

I look a little excited

The first clip is Joe Cocker and the second is Steve Miller Band, it was a fun anniversary!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'd give it a 10

Today is a big day, Matt and I have been married for 10 years. With that in mind I thought I'd list 10 reasons I know Matt is the right guy for me:

1. Matt knows my need to be in control especially when the car is involved, so he whenever we leave the house he climbs into the passenger seat. Also, he makes the phone calls. I hate to make calls and Matt willingly does that for me.

2. I always wanted to have children with brown eyes, thank to Matt I have that.

3. Reading is very important to me, I love to read, I love to discuss books, and I want my kids to have a love of reading. On our first date Matt discussed books with me, I think I knew then. Now, I know I know it, when I watch him read Harry Potter every night to our kids. He even pushed through it yesterday when the chemo made his tongue go numb and he developed a lisp. Ha Ha good times, the kids couldn't stop laughing.

4. Matt is someone who gets the job done. Even if it's something he doesn't enjoy he sticks with it. I think of this every other Wednesday when I watch him head out the door for his chemotherapy. It's crappy but he does it and to top it off he doesn't complain.

5. Matt thinks I'm funny (can you believe it) and what's more he think my family is hillarious. He likes to be around my family, that's pretty cool.

6. Matt is a great provider, the man works very hard to see to it that we are being well cared for.

7. Matt believes that I'm not fat (please don't tell him the truth I'd hate to destroy the illusion).

8. Matt is fun and funny. The man makes me laugh, and he laughs all the time. It is crazy to him that I don't laugh out loud unless I find something to be hysterical. Matt laughs loud and hard at anything.

9. He's nice, probably one of the nicest people I know. He is compassionate, when the kids need that extra boost of understanding they go to Matt. His children love him very much and that is plain to see.

10. He is a good example of the unconditional love for his family (parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews, grandparents, wife and children friends) and the gospel.

I picked a good one. Happy anniversary Matt, I love you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Falling in Love Again

I'm going to let you in on a little secret....I have a temper. I am very quick to yell especially at my children. A few years back I vowed that I would stop yelling, I would use a calm voice and maintain control. And, I did well, for a while. Then somewhere between cancer and blood clots I allowed myself to start the yelling again. So, two weeks ago I vowed (again) that I was done yelling. It has been great. I know that I set the tone of our house and things have gotten so much better. I am falling in love again with these three beauties: