Monday, August 17, 2009

It's birthday season

This is the time of year we like to call birthday season. Emma and Ryne have their birthday the end of August then Kate the beginning of September followed by Matt the middle of September and my birthday the beginning of October wraps it all up. Did I mention our anniversary is the middle of August. So this year we decided to get the kids one present they can all share. Lest you think we our lousy, thoughtless, mean parents please check out the present:

This is Cooper Karpowitz. Each of our kids asked for a puppy for their birthday, not one of them thought they would get one. We suprised them on Saturday and they are all in love. He is a great puppy, he sleeps through the night and goes to the back door when he has to go to the bathroom. Matt and I are in love with him. Our older and grumpier dog Nikki is not in love and hates this little dog. Oh well you can't make everybody. Happy birthday kids!