Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

I always want to be with my own family and the Lord has shown me how I can

Do you ever have those days, you know the one I mean where you wake up and you know something is wrong. There is that sick feeling in your stomach, but you can't remember what it is that is bothering you, and so against your better judgement you force your self to remember. You go over the events of your day and check it off as you do and then you remember. So I have been sad these last few days, quick to tears and quick to hug and love my children. Recently I read this post and my heart truly felt like it was breaking into pieces. It brought back the painful memories of losing our own little baby, Calvin Jonah. I then stumbled upon this blog and again my heart broke. What a sad time for these families, how I wish I could say what they need to hear hug them when they need to cry tell them how very sorry I am and how sad I feel. Instead I will say how grateful I feel to have the gospel and the knowledge that families will be reunited and be able to live together again. This isn't something that I just casually believe or hope is true, this is something that I know to be true, something that I cling to each day, and something that brings me great joy. When I read about these sweet families I was reminded of the scripture in Mosiah 18:9 we are told to be "willing to mourn with those who mourn; yea, and comfort those who stand in need of comfort." I am so grateful for our friends, loved ones and even acquaintances who have given us so much comfort, love and kindness.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Honey would I lie?

So I'm starting to have some serious doubts about my new haircut. The other day while watching the parent trap with my kids Kate told me that my hair looked like Sharon and Susan's (please see below).When I asked Matt if my hair looked like that he said no, it looked more like "his" (please see below). He swears he meant it as a joke.

Then, a couple of days later while sitting outside eating an ice cream cone with my kids Emma turns to me and tells me my hair looks like Draco Malfoy's (please, again, see below).
What the devil?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Independence Day, one of the greatest holidays of the year (2nd only to Christmas). I love the fireworks, the warm weather, the cook outs, the time with family but I especially love the reminder of the great country in which we live. Here are some pictures of the our 4th of July last year:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I guess I'm it

I got tagged the other day by my friend Jared (that's him in the corner of the picture at one of the many youth activities we attended) so here goes:

1. If you could do anything name the top two things you would do: I would be a James Taylor roadie and I would buy a bunch of land and make a big compound for all of our friends and family to live on then we could be close to everyone we love.

2. What kind of animal would you be and why: I would be a dog owned by my parents because that is one sweet life.

3. Top 5 favorite movies: I'm not a big movie watcher but I think they would be To Kill a Mockingbird, Mean Girls (very fugly I mean funny), Parent Trap, Room With a view, Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

4. If you won the 10 million Powerball what 5 things would you do: Pay off any debt we have, Buy our compound, Get a tummy tuck, Hire a chef, Buy a vacation home in San Diego.

5. Top 5 favorite holiday moments: When Ryne got his train set and wouldn't unwrap any other presents, Going to the 4th of July parade in Danville, Ca., My dad buying matt and me a tree for Christmas because we were so poor, Matt's family coming for Thanksgiving when we lived in Texas I got to know Beth and Wendy and they are hillarious, Each Christmas when my kids wake up so excited!

6. name your top two favorite "National Lampoon" moments: Christmas Vacation when the neighbors ask Clark where he's going to put a tree that big and he responds, "bend over and I'll show you" it makes me laugh just typing it, the original vaction when he drags the dog. I love those movies.

7. 5 bad habits: spending too much time blogging, biting my nails, folding clothes but not putting them away, setting the phone down wherever then when I need it I can't find it, yelling at all the crappy drivers around me why can't everybody be a good driver like myself.

8. 5 jobs you've had: Gas station attendant at The Olde Town Arco, Clerk at Rakestraw Books, Nanny, Data Entry at Western Watts, and Mom.

There you have it, I tag anyone that wants to be tagged, have fun!
P.S. Jared and Amanda - I hope everything goes well next week, we can't wait to see the baby!