Monday, August 16, 2010

Emma's birthday wishes

This made me laugh, especially numbers
8. 6 douhnuts for me
16. a can of olives (what??!)
19. my own box of cookie crisp


Joel said...

A calculator and a binder? That's one smart cookie (crisp).

Also, I hope you know if you don't get her that can of olives I will consider you failures as parents.

i like whispering too said...

This is awesome. I think I'm going to add "tiny m&ms in a tube" to my own birthday wishlist.

Betsy said...

I can relate to the olives. Every year when I was growing up Santa would leave a can of black olives for me in my stocking. I would eat the entire can at one sitting and drink the that gross, or what?

T said...

Betsy, I too got black olives in my stocking every year and did the same thing. I still love black olives.

I especially love her own box of cookie crisp.

That's a very extensive list, better get to shopping.

Selena said...

HAHA!!! Well atleast there cheap items wait until she starts asking for a cell phone and car for her birthday :)

Gigi said...

How many of the items am I allowed to get for her?:)

Karen S said...

She is wise beyond her years.