Tuesday, September 20, 2011

History 101

I was hanging out with this cute kid the other day and we started talking about Sept.11th. Our coversation went a little something like this:

Ryne: Did you know they are rebuilding the twin towers?

Me: Really? That's cool.

Ryne: I'm not sure if it's a very good idea.

Me: Why?

Ryne: Because as soon as they build them the Russians are just going to knock them down again.

Me (with concered look on my face): Bud, the Russians didn't knock down the twin towers.

Ryne: Oh yea, I meant the Africans.

I promise we had a history lesson and he was set straight.


T said...

Africans, Afghans, its alot to remember at 9 years old.

mom/diane said...

thanks for the smile you put on my face today.